Would you like to have personalised artwork based on your own photography? Or maybe one of my artworks has already caught your eye, but it’s not quite the right size or colour. I can create a commissioned piece for you and capture a subject of your choice: it can be a house, a boat, a specific place in your town, a portrait of a family member, or a pet.

All details and prices below are approximate. Every commission is special and I always make sure all requirements are met. Because of that, the time frame and price may slightly vary from the ones listed below.


Size 19 x 28 cm - 2,000 NOK
Size 28 x 38 cm - 3,500 NOK
Size 38 x 56 cm - 7,800 NOK
Size 56 x 76 cm - 14,000 NOK

How it works: After we agree on the subject, size, and price, I create a small sketch of the painting to confirm colours and composition. After receiving a sketch, you are welcome to share your feedback which I will take into account when working on the actual painting. The price is paid in two parts - the first part before making the sketch, and the second part after finishing the final painting. Please contact me directly with any questions. All paintings come unframed unless agreed differently.

Quality: All paintings are created on 300gsm 100% cotton watercolour paper using professional quality paints that do not fade in time.

Timeframe: It usually takes up to one month to finish a painting however it may vary depending on the number of my current commissions, the size of the painting, the number of details, etc.

What to do to order a commissioned painting: Simply contact me using the form below, or by email. You can write a few words about the subject you are interested in, or attach a photo. I will reply with the next steps and we will discuss the details.


IG: @kasia_wiercinska
Fb: @KasiaWiercinskaArt


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Below you can find examples of my artworks as an inspiration for a wide range of subjects I work with.

Your house portrait:
Commission - example
Your boat portrait:
Commission - example
Your summer house / Norwegian hytte:
Commission - example
Favourite place in town:
Commission - example
Your hometown:
Commission - example
Your pet portrait:
Commission - example
Favourite flowers:
Commission - example
Your farm or a sunday walk place:
Commission - example
Family portrait / Portrait of your loved one:
Commission - example