Kasia - portrait


Kasia Wiercinska is an artist specializing in the watercolor technique. Her passion for art bloomed in early childhood and has steadily grown over the years. Her work is characterized by the portrayal of captured memories, fleeting moods, and a deep love for color and light.

The artist graduated from architectural studies, where she acquired a solid foundation in drawing, painting, and creative thinking, which became the basis for her further development. In order to enhance her watercolor skills, she pursued professional training in watercolour painting during her residency in New Zealand from 2019 to 2020.

Her artworks have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions, earning recognition from audiences in New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Italy, and France.

Currently residing in Oslo, Norway, Kasia Wiercinska continues her artistic journey and actively contributes to the local artistic community. She is widely appreciated as a watercolor instructor, conducting workshops for both beginners and advanced artists.

The artist frequently draws inspiration from the surrounding landscapes, with a focus on capturing the atmosphere and mood, encapsulating ephemeral moments, memories, and dreams. Each artwork carries a unique story, memory, or dream. According to the artist, a painting is meant to represent the world that we remember or desire to remember, reflecting what we felt, heard, or experienced in a particular place and time.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to learn more about my art workshops, inquire about purchasing original paintings or prints, or discuss commission inquiries.
IG: @kasia_wiercinska
Fb: @KasiaWiercinskaArt